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We're serious about getting kids to grade level!

“In all of my years as a school leader and turnaround specialist, I have found that the root cause of failure is always the same: low reading achievement. Improving reading skills is the key factor for schools to have any chance of turning around. And by focusing on reading as the leverage for turning the school around, sustainable student achievement gains can be made long term.”

Tammy Miller, VP & School Turnaround Specialist

Coaching and Professional Development - embedded support you can count on

Our Coaching and Professional Development is based on a four-step framework that uses data to inform instructional paths that result in school-wide literacy gains. It is tailored for teachers and principals.

Readable English Coaching Framework:


Program Usage

Optimize the use of all aspects of the Readable English program, including integrating the Conversion Tool throughout all classes and class subjects.


Data Analysis & Progress Monitoring

Learn to review, analyze, and interpret data to make effective instructional decisions.


Goal Setting

Learn to establish achievable learning goals with ongoing progress monitoring for students.


Community and Culture

Create school-wide activities centered on literacy. Facilitate collaboration between classroom teachers, SPED, and EL teachers.

School / District Literacy Planning

The focus of Literacy Planning is to provide a district wide approach to ensure all students are reading proficiently at grade level.

School / District Literacy Turnaround

The Literacy Turnaround Solution includes all aspects of School/District Literacy Planning, in conjunction with ongoing implementation support, professional development and coaching.

What’s included:

Readable English Trainer Certification

Certify your own trainer. This will provide internal ongoing support, leadership development and will be cost saving as new teachers can be trained internally.

How it works: