Online School

Students reach
grade-level & beyond!

A message to parents, guardians, and students

Learning to read is hard enough as it is, and with COVID-19 we can’t rely on traditional school classroom instruction to meet the personal needs of our children – especially when it comes to reading.

Readable English simplifies and accelerates the process of learning to read and the online classroom provides focused individual attention in a highly engaging and collaborative environment.

About the Online School

We’re serious about getting kids reading, fast.  New classes start up regularly, so get in touch today!

Who should attend?

Whether in public school or homeschool, it is perfect for students in grades 2-8, who are behind grade level due to issues with decoding, fluency and language acquisition. It is especially ideal for struggling readers, students with dyslexia, and English Language Learners.

What can students expect?

Readable English is taught in 3 phases:

Phase 1 (5 weeks)

Students learn the 21 glyphs, phonemic awareness, segmenting & blending, phonics,  and word attack

Phase 2 (8 weeks)

Students gain reading accuracy, fluency, spelling and word volume

Phase 3 (8 weeks)

Students improve reading fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and morphology

On average, students gain 2.5 grade levels in 6 months.

Parent Testimonials

“Riley had a HUGE success last night. She was able to sound out words like “occasion” and “quirk”. It was the first time we’ve done reading homework that left us celebrating and not fighting.”

– Parent of Online School Student

“I wanted to thank you for your work with Stella. Tonight we read together one of the books on the Google Drive that you sent over. Stella read it!!! I cannot believe she read a 4th grade level book! When school ended she was reading 2nd grade level and struggling with that at best. We could not be more proud of her!!”

– Parent of Online School Student