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Learn about the Readable English method

Readable English makes grade level content accessible to all readers.

Readable English embeds a pronunciation guide into each word without changing the spelling, using glyphs (visual cues), graying out silent letters, and breaking words into syllables.

So instead of learning hundreds of rules and the multitude of exceptions of English, students only need to learn 21 glyphs to begin reading in a matter of weeks versus years.

Watch one of the glyph videos!

A Fast-Track to Reading in Three Phases

The program can be delivered online and/or in-person, and is suitable for small groups, whole classes or one-to-one.

The teachers’ dashboard guides them through the phases with pre-made lessons, scripts and weekly teaching schedules.

Phase 1 - Glyph Learning

Students learn the Readable English system and quickly start developing the key reading skills phonics, phonemic awareness and word attack.

Phase 2 - Reading Accuracy & Fluency

Students build reading accuracy and fluency while continuing to reinforce phonemic awareness and word attack.

Phase 3 - Reading Fluency & Comprehension

Students continue to build reading fluency while developing reading comprehension.

The Readable English eReader and Conversion Tool

The Readable English markup can be integrated with any class curriculum using the Conversion Tool. The patented and award-winning conversion technology enables any text to be converted into Readable English quickly and easily – giving teachers and students the flexibility to create and use their own grade-level content with the Readable English markup. Schools and students can opt to have continued access to the eReader after the first year with an “eReader only” subscription in subsequent years.

Progress Tracking and Monitoring

Students can view their own progress on the Progress Page within the student account.

Badges are awarded after completing milestones to continually motivate students.

Teacher Account

An overview of each student’s progress is provided, or teachers can export results to an Excel spreadsheet for more detailed information, including:

School Administration Panel

Schools are provided with an administration panel which enables them to view students’ growth at the “Whole School” level or for an “Individual Class”. 

The administration panel also provides schools with a dedicated interface to manage teacher and student accounts.

Normally I’d be like: ‘that word is too big, I’m not going to read it. I’m going to skip over it.’ But now I just focus and try and get the word out. You can sound it out because the glyphs are over letters and I know all of the glyphs.”

– Terriona Moore, Middle school student