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Proven to
close the reading gap

Readable English is different

Instead of learning the countless rules and exceptions of the English language, students quickly learn to read using an embedded interactive orthography which scaffolds grade-level content to increase reading accuracy, fluency and comprehension.


Teachers are trained and supported

Fun and easy to teach, this explicit and systematic structured literacy instruction comes with:


Students get

In just weeks, students learn the 21 Readable English glyphs and can start reading grade level content with accuracy and confidence.

Students use The Readable English eReader and patented Conversion Tool to make any class subject materials readable!



Empower your teachers and principals to create a data-focused, results-driven literacy culture in your school. Our proven four-step Coaching Framework ensures that you have the tools and training to get serious about literacy growth.

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Proven to close the reading gap for your:

Proven to
close the reading gap for your:

The only time Readable English doesn't work is when you don't use it."

– Beckey Mungle, Principal

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