Teacher Training

Expand your teaching tool kit and get CEUs!

Be a part of the solution and help close the reading gap.

The need for qualified teachers and tutors to help students learn to read is more critical than ever. With continued remote and hybrid learning, schools and parents are seeking innovative reading solutions that get results.

We offer both teacher training and Readable English Certification.

Get trained to teach Readable English

Expand your teaching toolkit and help students learn to read, fast! For independent teachers, tutors or parents*.

What’s included:

*School license purchases include this training.

Ongoing monthly trainings.

Become a Certified Readable English Teacher

Advance your training by becoming certified as a Readable English teacher.

What’s included:

Readable English Training

Phase 1 Training (6 hours)

Includes getting to know the Phase 1 materials, teaching with scripted lessons, and the science of reading as it applies to Readable English  

Phase 2 & 3 Training (4  hours)

Includes getting to know the Phase 2 & 3 materials, skill building exercises, lesson plan preparation and using your own content in Readable English

Teacher Testimonials

“I think it is a great program that is getting ready to really gain momentum.” 

– Mary Anne, Middle School Principal

“I left the training excited and prepared to use this fall – whatever that looks like!”

– Jan, Literacy Instructional Coach

“Kathy was a great presenter who made everyone feel comfortable about participating and asking questions. She did a very thorough job of making sure we learned about all aspects the program has to offer.”

– Reading Specialist