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“We keep fighting the literacy battle. Kids are coming to us further and further behind and we kept trying different interventions. Then we tried Readable English, with a good implementation for half a year and got 4, 5, 6 grade levels of growth on our formative assessments comparing beginning to the end, so no one can argue with that.”

Tom Hughes, Principal

“I couldn’t do it anymore. I worked and worked, I was tired, and nothing worked. I almost hated coming to school. Now I literally cannot wait to go to work because I’m so excited about this. These are kids who never wanted to read. Now they’re fighting over who gets to read the longest passage.”

Janice Cossell, Special Ed Teacher

“That’s what I like about this program, it teaches them what sound each letter makes, and how each letter can make multiple sounds. I tell them every day, using Readable English you can read any word in the English language. Any word!”

Jen Smalley, Teacher

Student Testimonials

“Normally I’d be like: well, that word is too big I’m not going to read it, I’m going to skip over it. But now I just focus and try and get the word out. You can sound it out because the glyphs are over letters and I know all of the glyphs.”

Terriona Moore, Student

“It feels good because when I couldn’t read, I used to get talked about, like, people saying I couldn’t read. Now, I showed them, I proved that I can read.”

R’nez Holmes, Student

“Readable English is very helpful to us. Thanks to our teachers who introduced it to us, we’ve been able to make some progress to turn not only my life around, but others too.”

Trey Marciniak, Student


Those familiar with Cognitive Load Theory with its emphasis on reducing working memory load will immediately see the benefits of the system.

Based on theory and data, I can recommend Readable English in the strongest possible terms. It is ingenious. It has the potential to transform the teaching of English."

– Professor John Sweller, Founder of Cognitive Load Theory